Une nouvelle carte des sols du Clos de Tart est disponible !

At the Clos de Tart, we are very attached to the idea we have to improve vintage after vintage. One of the ways of progression we explore is to sharpen again and again the knowledge we have about the Clos and its functioning.

In order to help us in this quest, the promotion 2013-2014 of the master « Vigne, Vin et Terroir » of the University of Burgundy in Dijon has been studying for one year the ‘roches mères', the soil, the micro-climates of the Clos as well as the agronomic functioning of the vines.
It is then a pluri-disciplinary approach those students and their teachers have led with enthusiasm, and we pay homage to the serious and the quality of their work.
This task which is about terroir is ambitious. Sometimes those works answer to some of our initial interrogations but we have to admit they often ask us more questions than they give us answers.
Probably it is in the nature of the things with such a complex subject.

Despite the difficulty of this exercise, we have crossed the date collected by the students with our own observations and our ground knowledge.
This is why we are able to propose you a new map of the parcel which takes into account the main technical up to date information.

This map will probably evolve with the years as we pursue our researches and improve our knowledge of this outstanding terroir.

Please click on the link below to consult the map.

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