Vendanges 2015

The harvest 2015 at the Clos deTart took place from September 5th to 8th with a lovely sun, after a viticultural season with many rebounds but on the whole favourable to the vine.

While the wines are still macerating when writing those lines, we can already note some characteristics of this vintage :
- Precocity (since 2003 we know an early vintage each 4 years : 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015) due to a flower very early June and an exceptionnally sunny summer,
- Quality of the harvest : perfect sanitary state of the crop, phenolic maturity and optimal balance sugar/acid. Grapes were full of aromas and looked really nice with their mat blue glints and their thick skin...
- Weak yields : sole fly in the ointment of this nice vintage and waiting for the final yields "in wine" after pressing, we already know 2015 is once more a year of weak crop.

We will give you more details about vintage 2015 when the wines will be quietly put into barrels in October and, for now, let them do their turbulent fermentations.

Vendanges 2015-52
Vendanges 2015-52

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