Clos de Tart Grand Cru - Monopole 2002 - Wine

Tasting note

The generous wood this displayed from cask has begun to integrate and while not invisible, it is has now begun to integrate. An expressive and extremely ripe black fruit and plum suffused nose is nuanced by hints of torrefaction, earth and coffee are followed by supple, delicious, round and textured full-bodied flavors that are underpinned by firm tannins and loads of ripe extract. This is a powerful yet detailed wine that does seem to carry its alcohol well with only a trace of finishing warmth. In sum, this is a delicious and unbelievably long wine that bathes the palate in ripe pinot extract though note that it is also quite youthful and will require ample cellar time to arrive at its apogee. 93/2020+ (Allen Meadows,, January 2010)


In 2002 France was split in two as far as the weather was concerned, the southern zone was rainy, sometimes to the point of flooding while the north was sunny up to drought conditions. As a result of this the northern vinegrowing areas like Alsace, the Loire Valley, Champagne and all of Burgundy produced great wines. The main stages in the evolution of the vines in Burgundy were the following : early start to the growth cycle (15th - 20th March) with a rapid evolution of the vegetation up to the end of April, then development slowed noticeably in May; in mid-June flowering took place in good conditions a few days ahead of 2001. At this point the berries grew very quickly in size with colour change starting at the end of July. Finally the harvest date was a bit earlier than the previous year. At the Clos de Tart we carried out a green harvest using a team of 17 people from 29th July to 2nd August. A good number of vines had grape bunches with "millerandage" (very small berries of varying sizes that often don't have any pips) that we retained due to their concentration; on other vines we only left a maximum of 5 bunches. We also removed leaves at the level of the grape bunches on the eastern or rising sun side of all our vines. In Burgundy there is an old adage which goes ‘septembre fait la qualité' (September is the make or break time for quality), this was again proved true in 2002. Following a rainy spell at the end of August - beginning of September, ripening had slowed. But a return to dry weather from the 12th September meant that the grapes ended up ripening well. The conditions for the harvest at the Clos de Tart were perfect. From Monday, September 23rd to Thursday, September 26th, the grapes were picked in record time due to the partial deleafing and the fact that the bunches were well spread out on each vine after our green harvest. There were 18 pickers and 3 grape basket carriers in the vines as well as 6 sorters, plus 2 winemakers in training and the head winemaker in the winery making up an effective and light hearted team of 30. The main characteristics of this harvest were: cool, dry weather meaning that the grapes arrived in the vatroom at a good natural temperature; raw material that was perfectly healthy thanks to the work that had been carried out in the vines throughout the year; a limited yield of 28.4 hl/ha (= 1.5 t/acre); very ripe grapes giving a wine with a natural alcohol content of 14.3° to 14.8° (a record) depending on the cuvée; a low proportion of juice in the berries, thick skins and a natural pH of 3.20 which made vinification easier giving concentrated, well coloured wine. The 17-month maturing in 100% new barrels didn't cause any particular problems. Malo-lactic fermentation was late as we wanted it. Two cuvées stayed on their lees throughout aging while the four others were racked only once. Three cuvées were fined with albumin (= egg white) to refine their gustatory qualities while the other three didn't undergo any treatments. After blending the different cuvées bottling took place in our cellars in the first week of March 2004, by gravity and without filtration. "The delicacy, the fruit, the brilliance, the wealth, the precision and the balance of the 2002s are sure to delight consumers... A great vintage comparable to 1990 for certain cuvées." (Bourgogne Aujourd'hui n°54, October-November 2003) "The Clos de Tart 2002 is brilliant." These few words from Clive Coates in The Vine n° 28 January 2004 define the scintillating and exceptional character of our wine perfectly. New at Clos de Tart : after a 3 year period of "sélection massale", we have selectionned 36 vine stocks that we will use for our future plantings. Some of the vines in the Clos de Tart are very old and are completely adapted to our terroir, making up a unique and original treasure. It is indispensable that we preserve them and reproduce those that are unharmed by viral infections. We will continue our research within our vineyard in order to increase the best vine stock selections that are specific to Clos de Tart.

Clos de Tart Grand Cru - Monopole
Clos de Tart Grand Cru - Monopole

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